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Hearing Evaluations

Understanding and Optimizing Your Hearing




Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing
Eartech Audiology offers the most complete and comprehensive audiometric evaluations in a calibrated sound proof suite. The evaluation provides evidence regarding how the outer, middle and inner ear functions. A primary purpose of this test is to provide clearer insight to communication difficulties consequently due to the nature and degree of hearing loss. Only when this is accomplished can the most appropriate treatment option be recommended and the quality of life enhanced through better hearing. 

Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response is an electrophysiological evaluation of the ear, auditory nerve and brain. It is clinical tool designed to assist in the diagnoses of hearing loss and other auditory related disorders. It is a noninvasive, objective measure providing valuable information in the diagnosis of various hearing disorders.

ENG Test (Electronystagmogram)
The ENG test is probably one of the most useful tests to diagnose "dizzy" complaints in which other obvious causes such as ear infection, head injury or certain medication "side effects" are not involved. 

The ENG is a series of tests designed to evaluate the inner-ear's vestibular mechanism. This test electronically determines the responses of the balance mechanisms of the vestibular system. These responses are expressed through eye movements which are recorded by electrodes applied to the skin of the face.

This test is performed at our offices. There are also some prior test instructions, please call us for any additional information.


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