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Dear Friends, Eartech Audiology HAS REMAINED OPEN. We are considered an essential and we understand, it’s of the upmost importance that you can hear and that all your hearing care needs are and will continue to be taken care of. As you know, my team and I have the highest standards for cleanliness at the office and we take great pride in providing you with a safe and clean environment. While cleaning and sanitizing is always a top priority for us, you will notice additional precautions being taken during this time. We have increased the frequency of cleaning in all areas of our facility and are paying extra attention to higher traffic areas (door handles, restrooms, etc.).
As everyone continues to practice social distancing to help #FlattenTheCurve, please know we are doing everything possible to ensure EarTech Audiology is a safe experience for you. Please be safe. Remember, we’re here to serve you. Please click this link to download a PDF of more information

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Cerumen Removal and Management

For many of the audiological tests and procedures it is important to have ear canals free of earwax, technically referred to as cerumen. Excessive cerumen blocking the ear canal can cause hearing loss, itching, irritation, pain, fullness, vertigo or loss of balance, tinnitus, and coughing. Treatment options for removal of impacted cerumen should be individualized treatment decisions based on amount, location, and quality/consistency of the cerumen as well as the individual's health status based on history and otoscopic exam. Treatment options include:

  • Eardrops/cerumenolytics (pharmacological and nonpharmacological)
  • Ear syringe/irrigation
  • Curettage
  • Suction
  • Combination of above treatment options