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What Occupations are Impacted by Tinnitus?


There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced tinnitus before, even if you couldn’t put a name to the condition. Some of us experience it as a ringing, others as a buzzing. For some it can sound like a clicking while others may hear it as a humming.

When we’re trying to get to sleep, tinnitus can keep us awake. When we’re trying to concentrate, tinnitus can prevent us from finding the focus we need. While tinnitus can be tedious at home, it can be even more insidious at work. 

And if you work in one of the following professions your working life and career are more likely to be affected by tinnitus: 

Construction workers

Construction sites tend to be noisy environments. With lots of shouting, banging and the near constant whir, hum and groan of automated construction machinery, it’s imperative that construction workers invest in the proper ear protection. Without it, they are not only coming home with the ring of tinnitus in their ears, they can risk damaging their hearing.

Airport ground crew

Airports are noisy places, especially on the ground with planes taking off every day. With noise levels frequently topping 140 decibels, ground crew who don’t protect their ears are most likely coming home with tinnitus. 


If you’re a musician, hearing and precision are everything. Tinnitus can not only be distracting, it can change the quality of sound, potentially impeding your performance. And if you don’t invest in the right inner ear monitor, you could find that the damage to your hearing sees you constantly grapple with tinnitus. 

Waiters and bartenders

You may not think of those in the service industry being particularly impacted by tinnitus. However, hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants can become busy places, especially in peak times. With several people occupying a relatively small space and struggling to be heard over one another, waiters, bartenders and other customer-facing employees can find themselves finishing their shifts with the hum of tinnitus in their ears. 

How your audiologist can help

Whatever risk factor your job entails, your audiologist can help you to find the right ear protection to mitigate your risk of tinnitus. They may also recommend a hearing instrument with built-in technology to mask the sound of tinnitus.