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Dear Friends, Eartech Audiology HAS REMAINED OPEN. We are considered an essential and we understand, it’s of the upmost importance that you can hear and that all your hearing care needs are and will continue to be taken care of. As you know, my team and I have the highest standards for cleanliness at the office and we take great pride in providing you with a safe and clean environment. While cleaning and sanitizing is always a top priority for us, you will notice additional precautions being taken during this time. We have increased the frequency of cleaning in all areas of our facility and are paying extra attention to higher traffic areas (door handles, restrooms, etc.).
As everyone continues to practice social distancing to help #FlattenTheCurve, please know we are doing everything possible to ensure EarTech Audiology is a safe experience for you. Please be safe. Remember, we’re here to serve you. Please click this link to download a PDF of more information

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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

EarTech Audiology provides full hearing loss services to patients in need. Each item is carefully tailored to get the best overall results. No two hearing loss cases are the same, so accuracy with the initial testing is vital. If further treatment is needed, a plan is put into action that’s customized specifically for the patient’s needs.

Our expert staff of EarTech Audiology professionals provide services to those from newborn to over a hundred years old. These include basic behavioral tests and sophisticated computerized otoneurological evaluations. When appropriate, the latest digital hearing instruments may be utilized to help compensate for a hearing impairment. For individuals who work in high noise areas, we administer Hearing Conservation Programs in accordance to OSHA guidelines.

Improving hearing loss is more than just prescribing a hearing aid and diagnosing balance disorders is a complex process that should be performed by a trained Audiologist specialized in the field of vestibular and balance disorders.  With 50 years of combined service, we  believe in comprehensive solutions for hearing loss and balance disorders.  We educated you on the latest technology and procedures, we assess, diagnose and recommend a solution for your hearing loss or imbalance disorder.  Services and Diagnosis for Treatment of Hearing Disorders and Hearing Protection Include:

  • Competitive Pricing - Will match prices and are lower than internet pricing.  
  • Diagnostic comprehensive hearing evaluation. (covered by insurance)
  • Provide comprehensive diagnostics for balance, tinnitus and auditory rehabilitation. 
  • Work with a Dr. of Audiologist so that you are getting the best comprehensive health care for your hearing and balance wellness.
  • We provide offer digital hearing aids from all major manufactures such as Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Widex, Starkey, Sonic Innovations and others.  We will get the best price possible on high quality hearing devices and accessories.  No one has been able to match our price and quality of service. 
  • With the purchase of hearing devices at no additional charge you will receive free hearing device evaluation, minor on-site repairs and complimentary re-programming visits.  *1 Yr.
  • Offered through the hearing device manufacture is a full three-year manufacturer repair warranty and a one-year warranty for loss.  
  • Competitive, straight forward pricing and service, no hidden fees.
  • A full free two  trial evaluation period to ensure you are fully satisfied. 
  • No obligation - receive a FREE call captioning phone.  Please call our office at (866) 464-1008 for details and how to get this free phone.  

Hearing Evaluations

Multiple audiometric tests make up the full round of hearing tests. The results are unique to the individual taking the test, so accuracy is important. A full case history is required to get the most informative results. Tests include:

Comprehensive diagnostic testing

To find out the type and extent of hearing loss, a comprehensive diagnostic test is performed. It consists of non-invasive procedures for both ears. Diagnostic testing for hearing loss includes tympanometry, speech reception, speech discrimination, acoustic reflex, otoacoustic emission, and central auditory processing testing.

Auditory brainstem response (ABR)

ABR uses electrodes to get readings on the inner ear, or cochlea. By using a standard test, audiologists can see how well the inner ear and brain pathways respond to one another. ABR is also an optional test to run for patients that can’t complete a normal hearing.

ENG test (Electronystagmogram)

With an ENG test, the audiologist can measure normal and involuntary eye movements related to nystagmus. The test ties together all of the main components for good balance, including the inner ears and brain. Common symptoms that prompt these tests are dizziness, loss of balance and vertigo.

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Hearing Aids & Accessories

Hearing aids can have their features extended with accessories. Wireless streaming, tighter sound control and mic adjustments are some of the feature’s buyers can expect. Compatibility differs depending on the brand and accessory chosen. 

Dispensing of digital hearing systems

Modern digital hearing systems are beneficial for many reasons. Patients will have access to the latest technologies available in the industry. As new features are developed, EarTech Audiology implements them into the rotation.

Hearing system checks, cleaning and servicing

Hearing systems need to be maintained so that they are fully functional. Regular maintenance comes standard with products dispensed through EarTech Audiology. Alternative checks are available for patients that had their hearing products dispensed by a third party.

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Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus requires treatment so that those affected can live a normal life. Treatment options vary by patient and include a full cure when afflicted by temporary tinnitus. If a more serious condition is discovered, recommendations are made. 

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Pediatric Audiology

Hearing loss in children takes on a different effect/resolution than it does with adults. Communication is part of growing development, and without it, children are at a disadvantage. Early detection for hearing loss in children is vital to ensure a strong future. 

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Aural Rehabilitation

Audiologists use aural rehabilitation to help patients recover from hearing loss. This treatment is meant to improve communication in multiple environments, personal and professional. The program helps with all levels of hearing and depends heavily on patient interaction. 

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Cerumen Removal

Cerumen, or earwax, can be removed from the ear canal so that it does not interfere with listening or comfort, especially for individuals who wear hearing aids.

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Balance and Dizziness Treatment

Our auditory system isn’t just responsible for hearing, it also contributes to our balance. Problems with the external, middle or inner ear can contribute to dizziness and feeling off-balance. Proper hearing care can help determine the cause of dizziness and how it can be treated.

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OSHA certified hearing conservation programs for industry

The hearing conservation program was created in 2008 to combat noise exposure. Hearing health is a mandatory part of safety training for some occupations. Industrial jobs are high on the list of employers that follow OSHA standards.