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Dear Friends, Eartech Audiology HAS REMAINED OPEN. We are considered an essential and we understand, it’s of the upmost importance that you can hear and that all your hearing care needs are and will continue to be taken care of. As you know, my team and I have the highest standards for cleanliness at the office and we take great pride in providing you with a safe and clean environment. While cleaning and sanitizing is always a top priority for us, you will notice additional precautions being taken during this time. We have increased the frequency of cleaning in all areas of our facility and are paying extra attention to higher traffic areas (door handles, restrooms, etc.).
As everyone continues to practice social distancing to help #FlattenTheCurve, please know we are doing everything possible to ensure EarTech Audiology is a safe experience for you. Please be safe. Remember, we’re here to serve you. Please click this link to download a PDF of more information

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Pediatric Audiology

Pediatric audiologists are certified to treat children who exhibit signs of hearing loss or related issues. Through comprehensive tests and evaluations, audiologists can determine the root cause of the problem. At EarTech Audiology, we understand how important hearing is to your child’s personal and educational development. That’s why we want to help parents get the help they need if their child displays any signs of auditor-related conditions. 

Signs of behavioral problems

Children process hearing loss differently than adults. They won’t realize what is happening, which makes it difficult for parents to isolate what the problem is on their own. Small things like behavior problems, trouble following directions and speaking loudly can seem like normal behavior. But behind the scenes, it could be signs of hearing loss that is progressing to a dangerous state. Parents need to be aware of these indicators before things get worse. Scheduling an initial screening with a pediatric audiologist will help narrow down any auditory conditions they may be facing. 

For newborns

Newborn hearing screenings are done by a pediatric audiologist. These are not random tests, as some states make it mandatory. The screening can find a lot of infant defects that fly under the radar. A few of these can be debilitating if not treated within the first few years of growth. The test can take place after a baby is born or when they are still in the ‘newborn’ age range. Sooner is obviously better, and helps to track any progression (or regression) in listed problems. Newborns that are considered at-risk are monitored with periodic hearing screenings. These aren’t mandatory, but will come recommended so that professionals can track hearing changes. 

Don’t delay a checkup

Parents can’t depend on infants and children to communicate their hearing problems. Without the treatment plan of a pediatric audiologist, hearing loss conditions will get worse. There are other benefits to the screening that includes finding other underlying health conditions. This information can be provided to other professionals when needed. If therapy is the recommended treatment plan for hearing loss, there are several specialists to choose from. Whatever the results are of the screening, infants and children will be in good hands.